Sunday, May 23, 2010


So last week I got the privilege of escaping away to the beach on an urgent mission to love. You see a very special friend of mine is having a hard time and she really needed a breather. Some space to get her bearings again. So we decided to whisk her away to the beach and shower her in love.

We gave her flowers

We gave her little gifts and lots of nice words

Hugs + Talks + Coffee + Tissues + God + Late nights + Walks + Time

equals LOVE.

The best thing about this weekend wasn't getting to see that my friend was back to her old self for a lil while. That was amazing. But the best part was that I learn to love someone so demonstratively is as much if not more of a blessing for those showing the love. The beauty I got to witness. The honesty I got to hear. The heart I got to feel. That is worth more than anything. To walk a hard road with someone and see some victory. That is precious. To understand someone better. That is living. To hurt when they hurt, celebrate when they celebrate. That is LOVE.

I feel a lil guilty that maybe I got more out of these few days than she did...

When I think of the blessing it is to love it makes me think about the way God loves me.. That as much as he does it for me, he must love it when he gets to go away for a few days with me and experience what I have..

I so long to lead a life defined by love, sacrificial love. The cool part is I see now how beneficial it is to my soul to love others sacrificially.

I don't know if that means it's not really sacrificial at all....

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  1. Wow, you're an amazing friend and I'm sure she was completely touched by a weekend away with her mates.

    And what a great idea!