Sunday, May 23, 2010

My boldest parenting move yet

So it's been a while since I was on here. Not so sure the purpose for which I write these things. Except maybe to be embarrassed of lady. So until I work it out I'll just roll with it.

So Noah is in the touch everything/run everywhere/ears are painted on stage. Some may say it lasts a lifetime. Either way we have began. Noah's favourite things to touch:

  • cellphones
  • remotes
  • laptops
  • coffee cups
  • rubbish bin

It's a fairly good indicator of what we spend out time using.. (All except the rubbish bin that is - must be because its shiny?)

Well I should take it as a compliment that he wants to be just like mummy (poor crazy kid) but it's actually insanely annoying. How many cups of coffee will he spill? How many time outs? How many illegal smacks? How many 'No Noah'? So the other day when he climbed on the table (another favourite of his) I just watched quietly from the other side of the room. I noticed he had pushed all the chairs too far out on his trip up there. So when it came time to climb down he had no step. I continued to watch. He backed up to the edge like he does and was all of a sudden hanging there. In the split second I had I decided I WASN'T going to get him down. I WAS going to let him fall. He looked at me like Mufasa looked at Scar right before he fell. He looked at me like 'Mama, wont you save me'.

But I didn't.

I let him fall.

Once on the ground I walked over stood him up. Gave him a pat on the back and told him we don't climb on tables because we might fall. He didn't even cry. I think because he knew..

So right or wrong my theory was, sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way. Goodness knows his mother chooses that path often. As a parent I can a)block my eyes and ears to everything around him, b)try and keep everything from him or I can try and parent him by exposing him to measured risk. I let him step over the edge even though he doesn't know I'm ready to catch him. I let him fall off the table because I know how far he will fall and it wont really hurt. But the experience of doing both of those things will build in him a history to learn from.

Nice theory. Will it work? Not sure.

Did it work? Well he didn't climb the table for the rest of the day.....

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