Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams

So we all have those little things in life, not must haves or even something you would really put the effort into pursuing, but nevertheless would love to have or experience. Maybe its owning that pretty car or going on that luxury holiday or that study topic. I have plenty of them!!

Last week I got to fulfill one of them! It might seem really silly and I guess it is.. but even so it floated my boat all night!

It probably just looks like a big mess but I dream of a bed made of big squishy pillows!! I love having a messy bed. That way I can wrap myself in the duvet and be nice and cosy with no drafty bits. Unfortunately though my husband hates this! He loves a freshly made bed with everything straight and flat and tucked in. And since this is the more socially acceptable practice - he wins.

What I loved though is that even when I thought my dream was impossible God blesses me with a little window where I get to have a lovely little treat. I really believe the little things in life that bring us a smile are the points that can carry us through the toughest times. They remind us that there is beauty and comfort and sweetness in the world and we just have to open our hearts and eyes to see the little glimpses. And when we do to live in that moment as long as we possibly can.

This was one of those moments for me. I have these moments regularly and I cherish them.

My world might not match up to the picture in my head of what it should be but sometimes little things match up and it warms me up from the inside out, even if just briefly.

One of the images in my head

Another one is in the movie 'What dreams may come'. Haven't seen that movie in ages but the lounging area is an image in my head that would be a delight!

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